Requıred Documents For Buyıng Propertıes

• The title deed of the immovable property or village/neighborhood, block, parcel, building, independent section information,
• Notary translated ID or Passport,
• “Real Estate Fair Value Certificate” from the municipality of the county where the real estate to be purchased is located
• Obligatory earthquake insurance policy if the purchased real estate is a building or an independent section (housing, workplace etc.),
• 1 photograph of the buyer of the real estate and 2 photographs of the seller (Photos must be taken in the last 6 months and size 6×4),
• Certified interpreter authorized by the Regional Judicial Justice Commission for the party who does not speak Turkish from the parties involved in the sales process,
• If both or either of the parties partake in the sales process through representation, a certificate of representation is required (Notary approved power of attorney),
• If it is wished to proceed with is a power of attorney issued abroad, it must be a power of attorney issued in the statutory form by Turkish Consulates