Requıred Documents For Turkısh Cıtızenshıp

• Application Form
• Notary translated ID or Passport,
• Marital status document and the marriage certificate if married, the divorce certificate if divorced, the spouse’s death certificate if widowed
• A certificate showing the identity of the person, such as a birth certificate or civil registry copy, and if married, a copy of the registry that proves the family relation to the spouse and children.
• If there is any first or second degree relative who is a Turkish citizen, a sample of the civil registry of those persons taken from the system by the application authorities.
• If the person’s birth date lacks birth month and day, the document must be obtained from the competent authorities of his/her country to complete the date of birth, and if such document cannot be obtained, a signed statement by the person to accept the transaction to be made pursuant to Article 39 of the Law on Civil Registry Services.
• Receipt showing that the service fee has been paid.