Steps For Turkısh Cıtızenshıp

• Buyer and seller agree on everything.
• “Appraisal Report” of the real estate is prepared by relevant company.
• An approved abstract is received, showing that the amount paid in advance in the purchase process of the real estate which is 250,000 US Dollars or higher has been deducted from the bank account of the seller and deposited into the buyer’s bank account. If the money comes from bank account abroad, the abstract must be notarized.
• Application to the Land Registry Directorate in the district where the real estate is by the real estate owner or his/her authorized representative before noon.
• The transfer of the real estate is realized by performing the required transactions in the Land Registry. For citizenship process, contract is made at the Land Registry to not sell the real estate for 3 years.
• The documents are sent by the Land Registry Directorate to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Department of Foreign Affairs.
• The Foreign Affairs Department issues a “Certificate of Conformity”. Subsequently, it is sent to the Directorate General of Migration Affairs and General Directorate of Civil Registry and Citizenship for the next procedures. Information e-mail is sent to the person who will apply for citizenship.
• After obtaining the “Certificate of Conformity”, a residence permit application is made to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Turquoise card is received after the waiting period is completed.
• Citizenship Application to the Provincial Directorate of Civil Registry and Citizenship Affairs.